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I started playing drums when I was about 5 and got my first real kit at age 8.

I had a life changing experience when I was 10 when I saw Buddy Rich in concert. I met him during the intermission backstage, and he took me to his dressing room and answered all my curious questions — this was in 1975.

I put together garage bands from age 11- 16, then started playing at night clubs and making money on the weekends. I moved to NYC in 1987 and played with DustDevils who were on Matador/Warner bros records.
I toured with other bands as well. Moved to Florida in 1994 and played with One Dogs Opinion & C-Monsters. I currently play with the GENTS in Bloomington IN and surrounding areas.I am always on the lookout for gigs with well seasoned musicians to record and travel with,and I would love to find a multi-instramentalist who can play Hammond Organ (i have access to one at my church for rehearsal),Violin,Trumpet,Harmonica and/or mandolin,lap or pedal steel guitar. Please,serious inquiries only!



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